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ADHD Coach Offers Webinar on Parenting Teens

October 11, 2013

Parenting a teenager with ADHD can often feel like an exercise in futility. You know that your teen is intelligent, but he's often distracted, and his GPA doesn't reflect his capabilities. Instead of being the parent you'd like to be, you're filling the roles of homework police, perpetual alarm clock, and destroyer of all fun times. You've totally lost count of the number of times you've helped search for lost keys, cell phones, wallets, and homework. And lately, you've begun to worry that the money you've saved for college won't be well spent. Surely, you think, this should be easier. When will things finally click?

The answer might be "sooner than you think." Expert ADHD coach Ann Miller is presenting a free webinar-"From Frustration to Elation: Parenting Teens with ADHD to Success"- at at 9 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 17. Parents can register at Full of granular tactics and answers to frequently asked questions, the webinar will help parents learn better ways to support and communicate with their teenagers without having to sacrifice their own needs.

"Having been there myself, I know that parenting teens with ADHD can feel like a constant battle and can leave you feeling perpetually frustrated and exhausted," says Miller, founder of ADD 2 Success coaching and contributor to the new book More Ways to Succeed with ADHD: Even More Strategies for 2013 from the World's Best ADHD Coaches and Experts to Help You Succeed with ADHD! (Coaching for ADHD, 2013, ISBN: 978-0-615-83164-0, $21.95, "The good news is, with the right strategies, you can parent your teenager much more effectively, while decreasing stress and worry."

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According to Miller, the difficulties between teenagers with ADHD and their parents can often be traced to dysfunctional communication and the need to transfer responsibilities from parent to child as teens approach adulthood.

"Teens and college students are confronted with ever-increasing responsibilities, challenges, and expectations at school, work, and home," comments Miller. "While teens with ADHD want to move out from under their parents' guidance and into the real word, they are frequently lacking some of the fundamental skills they need to be completely successful. And even if teens with ADHD know (in theory) what to do in any given situation, they may have difficulty following through."

Miller addresses these issues in her contributions to More Ways to Succeed with ADHD and in her upcoming webinar. Both teach parents to cope with the challenges of raising a teen with ADHD while providing appropriate support, structure, and accountability.

Specifically, in the one-hour webinar, attendees will:

Learn a different approach to parenting a teenager

Discover one important change that will better prepare teens for success

Finally get the answer to "Why do they do that?"

Learn a surprising approach to facilitating better communication

Leave with a plan that can be implemented immediately

"Imagine that your teen achieves good grades and is prepared for each day, while you have confidence that she has developed good habits for time management and keeping track of school assignments," Miller concludes. "That reality isn't as unattainable as you may think. With the right knowledge and tools, this can be the year when things finally turn around."



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