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Eye of the Storm

March 28, 2013
By Maria Spencer ,

Knowing how to live from crisis to crisis and from victory to victory is part of our make up. Since our special child came into the world, we haven't known life any other way. We have learned to become the nurse, therapist, and constant caretaker (just to name a few). We have strength and knowledge to face whatever may come our way.

Did you ever wonder how you get through some of your toughest days with your child? Do you often look back at certain moments when your child was having a meltdown, recovering from a surgery, or crying through a therapy session and think, "How did I get through that? How did I stay strong when I needed to?" We all have strength and courage that we never knew existed. Our kids have made us be able weather any kind of storm.

I know an amazing special Mom that presses on with courage to enable her daughter to defy all odds. Many physicians over the past few years, in the midst of multiple surgeries, have told this family not to expect much progress due to the severity of her disability. But this Mom uses those words to expect more from her daughter. She does everything she can with such tenacity and power to get her daughter to make progress in any way she can. At the same time, this Mom has a calm, humble spirit that shines on everyone she encounters. Even though high winds may be surrounding her family, she stays calm. She was created to endure each and every rain, snow, wind storm that tries to encounter her family and rise against her daughter.

I recently learned that the winds of a hurricane spin around the calm center of the storm called the eye. This Mom is the epitome of the eye of the storm. Part of her ability to consistently have the energy to fight off the storm has come from her faith in God, and the other part comes from her unconditional love for her daughter.

My prayer for all of us this month is that we will recognize that our wonderful children have given us all the ability to become the eye of the storm - every time we need to be. I believe our natural instincts as parents have been refined to a level that most people don't have the privilege of experiencing. Our differently-abled children have been our anchor that allows us to venture into the deepest places of our hearts to feel love that is unexplainable.

A very close friend of mine was with me during a stressful hospital stay with my daughter years ago. Our family was in a whirlwind like we never experienced, and we were desperately trying to understand every word the physicians were explaining to us. On one particular day, I came out of her ICU room and went to the waiting room where my friend and many of my family members were sitting. I proceeded to update them on her condition and what we could expect for the next few days. I just spoke from my heart, not giving it much thought. But my friend pointed out to me that she was so proud that I was able to speak with such calm confidence in the midst of the most stressful week of my life.

I was the eye in the midst of the storm, and I didn't even realize it.

Because God has chosen us for this task, He has given us this ability at each step of our journey. He knows the kind of quiet composure that our kids need from us no matter what the circumstances around us look like.

So the next time your child has to withstand a hurricane, remember that you are the eye of the storm. Be proud of yourself - you are doing exactly what you were meant to do.



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