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Give Babies Healthy Start from the Womb

February 15, 2013

Two Michigan doctors have launched babyQ, a website and mobile app for pregnant women. The Q is for quotient and the babyQ program aims to improve maternal-fetal health during the earliest stages of gestation.

Women sign up, take a short babyQ survey, and are given a babyQ score -0 to 100 -based on the doctors' own algorithm. Users then receive personalized health coaching messages, through push notifications or email, based on their babyQ score. Unlike other mobile apps aimed at expectant mothers, the goal of babyQ is to boost the woman's score while adapting to the changing needs of the baby.

"As doctors, researchers and fathers, we want pregnant women to know more about predictors of neonatal health and disease," say Gostine and Forde. "We want to help stem the tide of rising rates in childhood diseases, like obesity, diabetes, asthma, and autism, which lead to adult diseases. Getting to babies during their earliest development stages-this is what babyQ is all about."

"They can start quickly and update on the go or at home, with a smartphone or computer. It's a program that speaks to trends in electronic health communications and today's generation of pregnant women," says Dr. Forde.



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