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Stroller Cleaners Protect Investment

February 15, 2013

Your stroller is an investment in the life of your kids and you'd like it to last through most, if not all, of your children's youth. However, how do you clean this thing let alone make it last through mulitple children?

BuggyLOVE is a line of organic stroller cleaners ranging from lubricants for sticky wheels and frame joints to fabric cleaners and deodorizers. Added benefits many stroller manufacturers recommend using BuggyLOVE products on their strollers and since they are all-natural cleaners you don't have to worry about putting harsh chemicals into direct contact with your little one.

A kit will run about $49.99, but products like the FreshLOVE freshening mist and the PolishLOVE hardware cleaner can be purchased individually for about $10.

Visit to buy.



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