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Support the local All-Stars

June 29, 2011
by Jon Buzby

This time of year is an exciting for the thousands of kids around the country who are selected to play on their league's baseball or softball all-star team.

And whether or not your child is one of them, it's a great opportunity to head out to the fields and support these kids.

Attending a local all-star baseball or softball game is the perfect summer family activity. Games are free to attend (and so is parking), they don't last all that long, and regardless of the heat, usually shade can be found somewhere around the field. And of course, there are concession stands - every kid's favorite reason to go to a game.

Kids typically love watching their friends play, and my guess is yours will, too. Or even if you don't have any idea who the players are on the field, you'll be surprised at your child's interest level watching other kids of similar ages perform on a big stage. If they start to beg to go home after the third inning, at least you can do so knowing you supported the local team (maybe without spending a dime).

I still remember my son's first comments when he ran into the dugout after the first inning of his first all-star game: "Wow, this is really cool playing in front of all these people." Like most all-star teams, his team attracted numerous fans, many whom otherwise would not have been there if it had just been another regular-season game.

The kids on all-star teams have worked hard to earn the opportunity to represent their league, and win or lose they deserve a chance to play in front of large supportive crowds. And who knows, one of those teams you watch might end up on television in August playing in Williamsport. Wouldn't it be neat to be able to say you saw them play live?

Help your local all-star team have an all-star fan base. Games are fun, affordable, and best of all, the perfect summer family outing.

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