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Disappearing Cursive; Reluctant Kindergartener

April 2, 2014 Question: I recently observed my child's third-grade class take part in a one-room school field trip. It was an eye-opening experience. more »»

Routine Helps Student Who Stutters

August 7, 2013 Question: My young child has started to stutter. more »»

Delaying kindergarten; Summer Science

June 28, 2013 Question: My twin boys will be starting kindergarten in September. They were two months early at birth. One has a speech problem but is very smart. It's just hard to understand hi. more »»

Test Early for ADHD; Stop a Bully

February 27, 2013 Question: My son is in second grade and showing signs of ADHD according to his teacher. I notice his lack of attention, failure to follow directions and fidgeting at home, too. more »»

New Standards Emphasize Critical Thinking

December 6, 2012 Question: Our state has adopted something called the Common Core State Standards. more »»

Transitioning to First Grade; Success in Special Program

September 4, 2012 Question: My daughter will be starting first grade next week. She did fine moving from preschool to kindergarten. more »»

Encouraging young readers

May 31, 2012 Question: I'd like some suggestions about ways to encourage my young children to read through play. more »»

Help Making Final College Choice

May 11, 2012 Question: Believe it or not, I have been accepted by my first choice college, as well as the one where most of my friends are going. I really thought that I'd go to my first choice if I were admitted. more »»

Student Needs Accommodations for ADHD

May 4, 2012 Question: My fifth-grader, who has been diagnosed with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), has a difficult time staying still in the classroom. more »»

Inappropriate behavior; Labeling a Child

April 28, 2011 Question: I know for a fact that a chemistry teacher at my daughter's high school texts students. In fact, I have even seen a text from this teacher on my daughter's phone. more »»

Technique for Reading on Grade Level; Games Distracting Second-Grader

April 1, 2011 Question: Years ago, my mother told me about a technique described in your column that had some children reading on grade level in 8 to 12 hours. My son reads slightly below grade leve. more »»

Disorganization Works for Him; Expectations on Students

March 8, 2011 Question: It is beyond belief how messy my child's backpack is. I have tried to give him organizing hints, but he just keeps shoving all his schoolwork in the bag -- even his neatly done homework. more »»

Comparing Siblings' Abilities; Helping Disruptive Daughter

March 8, 2011 Question: We have a son who started kindergarten this year. He is very bright but is not motivated to read on his own. We have not pushed him because we know children learn at different rates. more »»

TV Viewing Detrimental to Young Children

August 5, 2010 Question: The TV is on in our house most of the day, but our young toddlers don't watch it much of the time. more »»

Special Education Requirements; Dyslexia Solved

April 1, 2010 Question: After testing, the school eligibility team said my daughter is not eligible for special-education help. She is now in third grade and has had learning problems since first grade. more »»

Poor Speller or Learning Disability?

February 25, 2010 Question: Our fourth-grader is a poor speller. Her scores on achievement tests put her in the above-average range in other areas (reading, math). more »»

Should Parent Pay for Grades?

February 3, 2010 Question: We now pay our smart middle-schoolers $10 for every A and $5 for every B. They used to get mostly B's, now they usually get straight A's. more »»

Parents: Get Involved; Judging Reading Potential

October 22, 2009 Question: My 8-year-old stepdaughter is an only child. While at home, she is very relaxed and keeps herself busy playing, reading, etc. more »»



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