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I Admit It, I'm a Lurker

February 27, 2013 - Amy Leigh Wilson
I'm seriously considering deleting my Facebook account. It's kind of sad too, because I love social media and the ability to follow old friends and relatives who are far away. Here's the kicker though. I'm a lurker. Yes, I admit it. In the limited time I spend on Facebook, I love to browse people's photos, but I rarely comment and only occasionally "like" one of them. I'm an equal opportunity lurker though. I am just as likely to look at a cool picture of my brother, smile and move on as I would be to browse through a photo gallery from someone I went to high school with.

I mostly started using Facebook as a means to keep an eye on what my daughter is doing online and to share my kids' activities with family members and friends who are far away. Most of them tell me (in person and with real words!) that they love looking at my photos, even though they rarely comment on them. It's cool with me. Lurk away, my friends!

Recently, someone I know took a digital hissy fit over the lurkers on her page. She mentioned that she was cleaning out her friends list and that family members who are not commenting or "liking" her posts must not really care about her. I honestly couldn't tell you if she has ever "liked" or commented on a photo of my kids. I don't really pay attention. I post the pictures and hope people who love us will enjoy them. No strings attached. I know who loves me and my family. I assume that if you don't want to read my posts, then you'll unfriend me. And it's really OK if you do. I don't need digital validation of who's important in my life.

But if you're that upset, isn't it much healthier, not to mention it accomplishes more, to actually TALK to someone about your feelings? If you think someone needs to be excised from your life, then I think you have two choices: talk to that person and see if you can work it out, or trim the fat and get on with your life. But asking friends to take sides while you berate and judge people on social media constitutes bullying in my book. And that is never OK. It makes me want to leave Facebook behind forever.

While I decide whether to continue my personal Facebook, I'll still be posting on Mahoning Valley Parent's page. You are following us, aren't you?


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